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Solar Panels

12 Solar panels installed on the ground are producing enough electricity to power this entire home all year round!
42 panels on a barn roof generates enough electricity to power two properties.

Installing Solar panels will allow you to HARVEST your own power from the sun!

Photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels are mounted on the ground or roof of your home. Schedule a free site visit to find out if solar panels are a good fit for your home. During our visit we will look at all the installation variables. We will work with you directly to design the system that best fits your needs.

Where does the power go?

The solar panels convert daylight to electricity. The electricity generated by the panels feeds into your homes wiring. Therefore, serving you directly and offsetting your power purchased from the utility company. Above all, your bill will be credited by any power that is not being used.

Are there any incentives available for installing solar panels?

The total installed cost of this system is eligible for a 26% federal tax credit. In addition, most utility companies offer in network incentives. This programing is called net metering, learn more here.

What is the timetable for this type of installation?

It only takes a few days to install the solar panels. Some installs can be finished in one day!

Interested in installing solar panels for your home? Contact us today!