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About Us

about harvestar

Harvestar’s proven experience and excellent workmanship is backed by one of the nations highest level solar certification available, by the National American Board of Energy Certified Practitioners (NABCEP). Our qualified and licensed solar installers will take your project from start to finish with ease, handling the incentive paperwork, permitting, labor and even delivery of your new system. All of Harvestar’s high quality products are made right here in North America.

Formed with a vision to help the environment, keep money local, and get people talking about renewable energy. We are driven by a passion to promote sustainability and clean technology.

We are dedicated to helping you understand and reduce your homes energy usage, as well as providing you with superior products and stellar service at an affordable rate. Don’t just use energy, harvest energy.

NABCEP Certified: Our solar installers are backed by one of the Nations highest ranking of solar certifications.

Start to finish with Ease: Let us take care of it. Well take your project from initial consult and design, to complete installation followed by a lifetime of valued customer service.

Vermont State Incentive Partner: Harvestar is a registered partner with the Renewable Energy Resource Center, and will help you lock in up to thousands of dollars in incentives.


About Eric Hartman, Owner of Harvestar

With a background in construction and a passion for renewables, Eric Hartman started his career in green technology as a solar technician for a local solar manufacturer. Eric quickly became the project manager for the installation team covering the state of Vermont. While leading a crew of solar installers through hundreds of projects throughout New England he also earned the position as the Training and Support Manager for the company’s national dealer program.

Over the 7 years that he has been designing and installing solar systems, Eric has achieved certifications by NABCEP, BPI and NORA as well as becoming a licensed heating system specialist in the state of Vermont. Today Eric runs the family owned and operated team of solar professionals known as Harvestar, LLC and has been a part of over 300 solar installations across New England.

“The combination of alternative energy technology, helping the environment, saving people money, starting a lasting relationship with new customers, and the ability to design and install a product that I can look at with pride, is why I love doing what I do.” -Eric Hartman

Why Go Solar?

  • Savings: Up to $800 each year on your utility bills!
  • Energy Independence: Lock in an affordable, clean, sustainable and reliable energy source. Avoid energy rate inflation!
  • Investment: Increase the value of your home and Invest in your property with an average rate of return around 12%
  • Incentives: Up to 40% of the total installed cost is incentivized on state and federal levels
  • Go Green: Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 4,000 lbs. That is equivalent to driving 3,120 less miles per year, or planting 80 trees!
  • Financing Available: Financing available through VSECU, go solar for less than you are spending on hot water per month. Cash positive from day one!