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Air Source Heat Pumps

Ductless Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Air source heat pump systems use electricity and highly efficient refrigeration technology to transfer thermal energy from one location to another. This allows us to pull heat out of even the bitter cold Vermont air, and move it indoors! They can operate as low as -17 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each installation has an outdoor unit which collects heat in heating mode, or dissipates heat in cooling mode. The energy travels through two pipes to the indoor unit which circulates the hot or cold air through the home.

These units are so efficient that for every $1 of energy required to operate, they provide $3 worth of heat!

How does a air source heat pump actually work?

It’s kind of magical, but we’ll break it down as simple as we can.

By controlling the pressure of refrigeration we are able to control the temperature at which it boils. Because of this concept we are able to drive the refrigeration temperature well below what the outdoor air temperature is.

Let’s say for example we drive the refrigeration temperature to -30 degrees, the warmer 5 degree outdoor air is able to warm it up, thus collecting thermal energy from the cold outdoor air. It then passes through a compressor which causes the molecules to vibrate and dramatically increase in temperature, upwards of around 110 degrees. This now warm refrigerant is able to heat the much cooler indoor air that is only 68 degrees and the cycle repeats.

Quiet and Easy to Maintain

Our number one brand, Mitsubishi, employs the quietest fan and compressor on the market. The outdoor unit sounds similar to a small box fan on a low setting. The indoor unit is hardly noticeable and sounds like a light breeze on the highest fan setting.

The indoor units have filters that need to be cleaned every six months. The outdoor units need to be inspected and cleaned of debris build up.

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