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884 Trees Donated! Thanks to you!!!

We are starting a new program! Supporting the growth of our forests by planting 1 tree for every solar panel installed in 2022.

We are committed to protecting our climate and reducing our carbon emissions and understand it is equally as critical to capture carbon from our atmosphere. We understand that sometimes a tree needs to be removed in order for a solar array to produce at its optimal capacity. This can be counter productive to the good intentions of clean energy.

While being carbon neutral with a solar array is great for our future. It takes 3 years for that to happen because of the carbon produced from manufacturing the product. A mature tree is capable of removing 50lbs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year. We believe that installing a solar array should have the best of both worlds.

So…Thanks to our customers and partners who installed solar in 2021, we will be planting 884 trees in your honor!

Our goal, for 2022, is to beat last year’s production and reach 1000 solar panel installations! When those trees finally mature, that will equal 50,000lbs of captured carbon every year.

For more information about where these trees are being planted, go to onetreeplanted.org