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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar thermal systems use heat naturally generated from the sun and converts it into heat you can use to heat your water or as a compliment to your home’s heating system.

Solar Hot Water:

Solar Hot Water Package
Two solar 4’x8′ panels are paired with one 80 gallon storage tank.

Your water heater is one of the biggest energy hogs in your home. For the average single family home, water heating can cost up to $900 per year at today’s energy prices.

Harvestar can help you circumvent these costs with our solar hot water panels. Our panels can be roof, ground and wall mounted depending on the efficiency and aesthetic needs of your home.

A solar powered pump moves a food grade antifreeze through the solar panels located on the roof, ground, or south facing wall. The solar heated fluid is pumped back to a storage tank where it preheats the water you use for dishes, laundry, and showers.

When the sun is out, you are heating your water for free. Even when it is cloudy you can still preheat your water to 100 degrees, saving you hundreds of dollars on your fuel or electric bill annually. Investing in solar hot water typically yields a 12%-15% rate of return!

Are there any incentives available for solar hot water systems?

With incentives up of almost 45% of the total installed cost of most systems, now is the most economical time to go with solar hot water. Some of these incentives include:

  • A state incentive of around $1000
  • An additional $950 rebate from our friends at Efficiency Vermont.

Solar Heating:

Solar Hot Water Systems

In Vermont, we spend most of our homes energy budget trying to stay warm during the heating season. Solar hot air panels help offset the cost of heating by circulating air from inside the home through a solar heated panel mounted on a southern facing wall roof, or awning.

Solar heating is a very economical way to go solar and to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar heating systems have an average payback of 3-6 years. These panels provide the most bang for your buck.

At just $1800, and an installation charge of $500. In under 6 hours you can have a renewable source of heat that will save your $200-$500 on your heating bills annually!

If you’re worried about snow accumulation, most installations are mounted vertically on a south facing wall, therefore they are never covered in snow!


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