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4 Major Reasons Why You Should Work with a Local Solar Company

going with a local solar solar installation company

So, you’ve made the decision to go solar. Congrats! You’re on the way to cutting down utility costs, saving the environment and increasing the value of your home.

When comparing solar companies to carry out your solar install, it can be difficult which company to choose from. As solar becomes increasingly popular throughout Vermont, more options become available.

Amongst these options, Vermonters have the choice of working with a larger, corporate installation companies, or investing in the community with local solar installation businesses.

Either route has its pros and cons, but in this post, we will outline the main benefits of establishing a relationship with a local solar installation company.

1. No Middleman

One of the benefits of going local is that there are less communication hurdles to jump over. More often than not, the person who sold you the system is also the person who’s there from the very first site visit, through the entire sales cycle, and the whole installation process.

Because of this, local installers will have a better understanding of their customer’s needs from the onset. This also comes in handy if a system needs a tune-up or service.

2.Customized to Fit Your Home

For local solar installers, quality triumphs over quantity. Solar systems perform best when they are designed to match the criteria of a given site. Larger companies may sometimes compromise the small details in order to move more product.

Some larger companies are trying to make going solar a cookie cutter approach to benefit their crew’s efficiency and their bottom line. Time and attention are needed to fully customize a system to fit your homes specifications. Doing so can help improve durability, aesthetics, and output of your system.

3. It’s a Partnership, Not Just a Transaction

When opting for an installation with a local solar company, you are forming a partnership with your installer. Local solar installers are dependent on referrals for business growth, which means every solar installation is just as much an investment for the installer as it is for the person who’s having the system installed.

While many larger solar companies take a “set it and forget it” approach, local installers take the time to ensure that you understand the ins and outs of your system by giving you a full tutorial upon commissioning. They will also monitor production throughout the life of the system to ensure you are getting what you paid for.. Because of this, every installation job with a small solar company is a meaningful working relationship.

4. Invest in Your Community

Going with a local solar installer helps the greater community save money and fosters economic growth. Because local solar installers are heavily based on referrals, a particular community may see more solar panels popping up on their roofs. Collectively speaking, your neighbors could be saving thousands of dollars, allowing them more financial freedom and spending power over time, which has the potential to get reinvested into the community in many ways.

Not only that, local installers typically use local vendors for their equipment, so your dollars are further supporting local businesses and your community.

Find out If Going with a Local Solar Installation Company Is Right for You

All in all, there a lot of considerations to take into account when choosing a solar installation company. We hope that we have given you some tips as to why going local is a good choice.

Formed with a vision to help the environment, keep money local, and get people talking about renewable energy, Harvestar is driven by a passion to promote sustainability and clean technology. We offer solar PV and solar hot water installations, as well as several other home energy services.

Our proven experience and excellent workmanship is backed by one of the nations highest level solar certification available, by the National American Board of Energy Certified Practitioners (NABCEP).  Our qualified and licensed solar installers will take your project from start to finish with ease, handling the incentive paperwork, permitting, labor and even delivery of your new system.


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