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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heaters


A large chunk of your home’s energy consumption is dedicated to your traditional water heater. Not all homes are a perfect fit for energy efficient solar hot water due to shading, energy demand, and or budget. The next best option for heating your water more efficiently are heat pump water heaters.

These units use a combination of ambient air temperatures, electricity, and compressed refrigerant to heat the water. Typically, they require 60% less energy than conventional electric water heaters, yielding great cost decreases on your electric bills with a lower start up cost. Heat pump water heaters can also be used in conjunction with solar hot water panels to deliver an even more efficient water heating system.

Because the heat pump circulates indoor ambient air to provide the heat for the water, it will dehumidify and and cool the air in the home. This is a nice bonus for spring summer and fall.

Are the heat pump water heaters typically hybrids (can they switch from heat pump only and electric only?)

Yes, occasionally your demand for hot water may exceed the heat pumps capabilities. The water heater has a backup electrical element which will kick on during these times. The operating modes on these units are fully adjustable and you can choose whether or not you want the backup heat source to engage or not.

What is the timetable like for heat pump water heater installation?

On average, we’ll be in and out in 4-8 hours.

Are these systems noisy?

The noise level is comparable to a dehumidifier or an old fridge.

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