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"From conceptual conversations on through to our endless post-installation questions Harvestar's service, expertise and obvious passion for solar energy left us thrilled with our decision to go with Harvestar for our hot water system." - Bob Hammer

"Eric and his crew at Harvestar installed and connected our two-panel system smoothly and efficiently, and the system is meeting all the expectations we had for it, Working with Harvestar was a real pleasure, What we particularly valued was that they took time to explain to us how they were going to install the system, how it operated and what we had to do to maintain it properly. And whenever we've asked a followup question, whether via email, text message or phone call, someone has gotten back to us quickly and with the right advice. We've enthusiastically and with no reservations recommended Harvestar to our friends who are considering solar installations--or who are looking for a good heating and cooling company that they can work with easily and confidently."

"We're very happy that Eric of Harvestar was the one who installed our solar hot water system. He did a great job positioning the panels carefully on the garage roof so they look like they belong there. Eric was very knowledgeable and we appreciate how he took the time to patiently answer any and all questions. He is even going to help us with future routine maintenance of the system. He made the whole process smooth and easy for us, and now we're saving money and energy every day!" -Linda, Charlotte

"Prior to putting in a solar hot water system, we spent approximately $6/day on hot water. Our system got installed on Sept 1 and we turned off our furnace to see how good it would work. We found that on sunny days in the fall we would routinely hit 160 degrees and even got as high as a180 degrees. From one sunny day we can bank enough hot water for a day and a half for a family of four. The winter is obviously much less but we have calculated that the pay back time for our household will be 4.5 years." - cheers - Mark L, Huntington

"I have wanted a way to reduce the amount of oil I use in my home and to save money. I had no idea how a solar system works or how much it would cost. After deciding to move forward I then had an on site visit with Eric from Harvestar. Eric walked me through how the solar system would work and suggested an alternative site, that with a couple of trees cleared, would give us a more efficient solar hot water system. My only concern with moving forward with this was what it would look like on the side of my house. Eric did a wonderful job. The system was professionally installed and looks great on the side of the house. Eric’s pride in workmanship is obvious. I would highly recommend Harvestar to anyone considering a hot water solar system. While the system is still new, I do not yet know what our energy savings will be. But I can say, we are very excited when we are able to take showers in the morning without the furnace kicking on." -Tassie
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High Performance Homes

Harvestar is a renewable energy contractor specializing in solar thermal technology and total home energy efficiency. Our mission is to help you understand your homes energy consumption and provide affordable products and services that will help put money back in your pocket. Invest in your future and your property, invest in home efficiency and renewable energy. Don’t waste resources, harvest them.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Your water heater is one of the biggest energy hogs in your home. For the average single family home, water heating can cost up to $900 per year at today’s energy prices. So why not heat your water for free with the Sun! With incentives up of almost 45% of the total installed cost of most systems, now is the most economical time to go solar. Investing in solar hot water typically yields a 12%-15% rate of return!


Solar Hot Air Panels

In Vermont we spend most of our homes energy budgets trying to stay warm during the heating season. Solar hot air panels help offset the cost of heating by circulating air from inside the home, through a solar heated panel mounted on a southern facing wall or roof. This is a very economical way to go solar and reduce your carbon footprint. These systems have an average payback of 3-6 years.


Custom Solar Heating Packages

If you already have an energy efficient home and heating system, you can consider a larger solar thermal package that will act as your homes heating system during the sunny days in the heating season. These large scale systems can cut your current heating bill in half!


Heat Pump Water Heaters

Not all homes are a perfect fit for solar technology due to shading, energy demand, and or budget. The next best option for water heating is heat pump technology. These units use a combination of ambient air temperatures, electricity, and compressed refrigerant to heat the water. They require 60% less energy than conventional electric water heaters.


Solar Pool & Hot Tub Heating

Hot tub and pool heaters use a tremendous amount of energy. Installing a solar heating system to assist with heating this water can saves hundreds, even thousands on your energy bills. Simple, economical solar panels can be tied into the filtration system of the pool or hot tub. The water passes through the solar panel to absorb the heat from the sun and then returns back to the pool at a warmer temperature. Harness the power of the sun to extend your swimming season from early spring to late fall!.


Comprehensive Home Energy Audits

Understanding how you home uses energy is the first step towards lower energy bills, improved comfort, and a healthier indoor living environment. Allow us to help you save hundreds on your utility bills by completing a comprehensive examination of your home. We will show you where the drafts are coming from, which appliances are consuming too much energy, and where you can improve upon your building’s thermal envelope. Get started today for only $100!